John Gregory Ohio – Changing the Trajectory

African American leaders agree that the key to improving the lives of the next and future generations of African Americans is through better educational opportunities, and that a universal goal for everyone should be for a just and healthy United States that works for all of its citizens.

They agree that this universal goal cannot be realized without first realizing smaller, more targeted goals. More than ever before, there is a need to maximize the potential of black children and adults, and to reclaim the role of family and culture within the African American community. They advocate altering the socioeconomic trajectory of the African American community to take responsibility for creating a systemic change, and strengthening traditional African American institutions.

The key to all of this is through education. Knowledge is indeed power, and it is just as true now as it has always been. In order to get a good job today one must at least have a Bachelor’s degree. Historically, African Americans have suffered discrimination in the United States in virtually all walks of life, from housing to employment and to education. That began to change with the historic Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954, which ruled that the doctrine of “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. There has been good progress in educational opportunities for African Americans in the years since then, but there is still much progress that needs to be made.

John Gregory wants to change the trajectory of African American lives, and he says that education is one of the keys. It’s also key to improving the urban community. He advocates for more and better educational opportunities for young African Americans. He is the founder of the Ohio-based National Center for Urban Solutions.


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