John Gregory Ohio – Possibility Thinking

It’s important to keep a positive frame of mind in whatever it is you are engaged in. But it is equally important to keep possibilities in mind; in other words, to develop “possibility thinking.”

People who have developed possibility-thinking skills are able to search the hidden possibilities in any situation and in any context. They have learned how to reframe what appear to be stubborn, even insurmountable problems and see them as opportunities in disguise. Possibility thinking means looking at situations in new and creative ways, and finding in them new paths for change and improvement.

It is important to always have a positive frame of mind, as difficult as that can sometimes be in today’s hectic world. But it is just as important to go beyond mere positive thinking, and be aware of the possibilities inherent in every situation. People who have developed this ability are able to see life are more than just a constant struggle to survive. They see it as an exciting series of challenges and opportunities.

When we begin to understand that each of our lives are important and full of great purpose and potential, then our present life and our futures will begin to fill with possibility. We do not look at life based on past models of failure or shame, but of possibility. We learn how to transform the negative by shifting our focus and energy on the positive. Possibility thinkers have learned to reframe problems and obstacles in ways that lead to them finding the inherent good in them.

The experiences and creativity of John Gregory Ohio enable him to find possibility in every situation. He is the founder and CEO of the National Center for Urban Solutions, based in Columbus, Ohio.


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